sabato 23 gennaio 2016


-4 mesi, more or less.
It's crazy. It's over.
I can't believe my experience is over.
4 months and I have to come back HOME...I don't know if it's because I am listening to Ed Sheeran but I am really sad right now. You cannot believe how much I wanted this year, how much I looked forward and how much time I spent dreaming about it...and now it's almost over. I feel like I could do more but I know that I am not gonna do more...and I am probably gonna regret it.
I am writing in English because unfortunately my English didn't improve at all and I am not sure if I am thinking/dreaming in English. Probably yes but I can't really say...I never remember what language I use during my dreams since I don't remember my dreams at all. 
Anyway, it's been so long since I wrote something and I feel bad because I am writing in here so in a couple of years I can come back and remember everything.
But I am not very good at this. So in this post I'll try to catch up.
After I changed family everything went very good. We went a lot shopping the first weekends I was with them and I had school until our finals (they went great) and then winter Break started.
I didn't do too much because I didn't want to hang out with my own friends since I was new in the family. I went to a pom's Christmas party with my host sister and I had fun, we did the game that we did on the ETC's Christmas party (the exchange gift) and we ate different stuff lol
Thanks to the game I won a iTunes gift card and a set of lotion and stuff like that from bath&body work. 
We also went to the zoo light and that was pretty cool!

Since my family didn't celebrate Christmas I didn't know if I should have accepted the invite from Brooklyn for Christmas Eve or stay at home for Bentley's birthday.
I thought that the best thing to do was stay at home since I didn't feel like it was Christmas at all. So I bought him a present and we ate pizza and cake.
However, there was no reason to stay at home also the 25th of December since they weren't doing anything special and Brooklyn invited me again.
 At the beginning I thought we were going to her house but when they picked me up I understood that we weren't. It turned out that we were going to her grandparents' house. At the beginning I was really shy but they really did everything to make me feel like I was home. Over there I met also Brooklyn's great grandmother, that I've met before. She was the sweetest great grandmother ever, before homecoming Brooklyn and I went to the mall because she needed an homecoming's dress. That's where and when I met her great grandmother. After the dress was choose the great grandma  took us  to The Cheescake Factory and she paid also for me!!! During dinner she started telling me about her life and she also invited  me over on her house and showed me all the picture of nyc. Her parents were from Italy and they were immigrants in NYC.
Coming back to the 25th...
Once everybody was there we started opening all the presents. I had a stock from Brooklyn's family full of American food and American stuff, I had a scarf from Brooklyn and her grand parents gave me some scrub and frosting body(picture below)
(Something from the stocking. I ate the other things)
Then we had lunch and it was Italian and really good, and I really felt like home.
I had a lot of fun.
Then we did the exchange present game or something like that lol the same that I did at other parties lol
I came back home really late but I was happy,after a while.

(Exchange present's game.)

Then some days after Christmas we went. Shopping and my family asked me to pick something else for Christmas , they already gave me two sweater. So I had that 2 things from Bath&Body works.

For the 31st I was invited to a party but unfortunately I didn't go because I thought they expected me to stay with them. Actually they went to sleep before midnight so I couldn't regret more.

During winter break I also went to Alice's house since there were her real parents and we had an Italian dinner. It felt so weird to talk with them in Italian and I actually ate Italian food!

For my birthday I didn't want to do anything special...when I woke up and I went to have breakfast there were flowers, a happy birthday card and also two candles and Reese's from my family. They told me that we were going out to dinner and they also bought me a tiramisu. 

The weekend after the school started Alice and Franzi had their goodbye party and that was really sad. When I had to say goodbye to Alice I felt like part of my experience was going home too.
I miss her so much and we are not talking that much because we are really busy and because of the time difference. And I really miss her.

Now I am in the track's team and I really feel proud of myself because I am actually doing something and it's also cool because there are cool guy with no shirt :-) they are really hot
I think we had a couple of weeks of winter but now it's already 30 degrees Celsius.
My parents are coming in 99 days and we are going to go Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York.
In a couple of weeks I'll be off to school for my spring break and I may be going to visit a friend but I won't tell anything in case it doesn't happen!
With my host family I don't know what's going on. I really try to be as nice as possible but it seems like my host sister doesn't like me(ameleistasulcazzomaprovoadesserevarinaesimpaticamanemmenomiparla)
I am trying to hang out as much as possible but it's very difficult since I have to ask for rides to my friends...
I'll try to post more in the next couple of weeks,
Sorry for the bad English, it would have been the same even in Italian because I was always writing this post before going to sleep and then I always fell asleep while writing this so I assume you'll find a lot of shitty,no sense sentences lol

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